Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beautiful People

There are so many beautiful people out there.

Throughout my whole pregnancy I talked with people on TheBump. They helped me find ways to get through my morning sickness. They helped me when I started to get nervous with all the stuff to put on our registries. They helped me when I was getting closer and closer to my due date and was no longer feeling nervous, but excited.
They are now helping me through the loss. There is a board just for women who have lost their little ones, most are through miscarriage, but there are those who have had stillbirth... and even those whose children lived anywhere from a few days to a few minutes.

One of the beautiful women out there just recently went on vacation. And wrote names of our little ones in the sand.

This is the most beautiful thing i've seen. To see her name written out, in such beautiful handwriting. I have not changed the background on my computer in YEARS! I've had the same image since my bachelorette party 4 years ago. But i'm tempted to change it to this. I already changed my background on my phone, which was the same image as my computer.

Strangely, this image helps with my emptyness. All morning I was feeling empty again, until I downloaded this picture. Just looking at her name has made me feel 10 times better. I can't explain it.

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  1. I am SO SO glad it was able to help you feel better. It made me feel better to write out each of the names and made me feel closer to each of you and your babies. I know exactly what you mean, also, about seeing the name in writing. It just feels so good.