Sunday, May 2, 2010

The things I hate

I hate that I cry everyday.

I hate that I don't know when I'll feel better.

I hate that nobody really truly understands.

I hate that I have to wear a bra 24/7.

I hate that my maternity pants are the only pants that still fit me right now.

I hate that seeing a cute baby only reminds me of how beautiful Aurora was.

I hate that someday, they'll all forget while I will remember forever.

I hate the reason we've been getting sympathy cards.

I hate, even more, that the cards will stop coming.

I hate that I need to take a sleep aide in order to sleep at night.

I hate that I still have to take my prenatal vitamins.

I hate that I want to feel happy for all of the other pregnant women around me, and instead I just feel sad.

I hate that Tylenol doesn't take away all of the pain.

I hate that I can never hold my daughter again.

I hate that I need to see a genetic specialist.

I hate that I had to be that 1 in 200.

I hate that we may never know why Aurora died.

I hate that there will always be more things added to this list.

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