Monday, May 24, 2010

It all seems so real now

It all seems so final now. Aurora has been "buried" in the columbarium at the church I grew up in since April 26th. 4 weeks without a name plate. Nobody but us, and our family knew she was even in there. Now, whenever anyone goes to visit their loved ones... they will see her. They will know that she's there.

It seems to finalize things. She's really in there. She's really gone.

Her name plate is beautiful though! I was so happy that they were able to put in her middle name. All of the other names have just the middle initial, but her middle name was such a part of her. I just love to see her name in writing. It also seems to finalize things that she was real! Aurora was real. Aurora is real. And that means so much because lately things have seemed like a dream.

Mommy and Daddy love you Aurora.


  1. When I finally saw your pictures last week I couldn't stop looking at how precious you looked!! Your adorable nose, just like Mommy's, your perfect fingers & toes, and wondering just who it was that shared that statuesque height with you. I didn't cry because I was so excited to finally have the chance to see how beautiful you are.

    Seeing your nameplate today made me cry because your Mommy is right, it makes it real.

    What matters most is that the love your family & friends have for you is more real than anything else in this world, or beyond. It will be carried with you, as you will be carried with us, every day.

    I love you, Aurora Rose.

  2. Beautiful nameplate. I love the little roses around the edges. Is it roses on all the nameplates, or was that something you chose?

    I'm glad you have a place where you know she'll always be, and a place where you can go and spend quiet time with her.

  3. It's so beautiful! I' so glad you have a place to visit her!