Monday, May 17, 2010

Pennies from heaven

I received my first penny from heaven today. Thank Aurora for such a lovely gift.

I've been asking for a sign that you are ok for a long time. My first and, at the time, only sign was when the clock was at 4:21am - your birthday 4/21 - when I woke up that morning. You knew that the clock birthdays are a big thing with me, and you knew that would be a perfect sign to give me on our first night back at home. But since then, I had received nothing from you, nothing that I could distinguish as a sign. I needed to know that you were doing ok. I needed to know that you are still fine.

Thank you for that penny today. Thank you Aurora for letting me know that you are still there and watching over us.

I would like to find a special jar that I can keep all of my pennies from heaven in, all of my pennies from you.

I miss you Aurora Rose.
Thank you for today.


  1. I had a thought, but I'm not sure if you'd want to use this...what about the adorable princess piggy bank you bought for Aurora?

  2. My friend collects pennies from Heaven too, from her Mom (she passed away at 54). You would be amazed where she has found some of them! She once found on in a tree - on a branch - it just happened to be her Mom's favourite, the sugar maple. I think it's a beautiful way to feel that connection.