Saturday, June 5, 2010

Miss you a lot

I really miss you a lot today Aurora. And the 3 times I've gone to visit you today showed it. Clean up at the church, planting at the angel, you cousin Christian visiting. Everything today was just pointing to you and how you're no longer with us, and made me ache more for you to be here.

Sometimes when I'm falling asleep at night, my hand will start to fall asleep, and twice now I thought daddy was holding my hand. But during this time I'd shake my hand away because with my hand asleep it felt strange.... only to find out daddy wasn't holding my hand. Deep down inside I know that was you holding my hand. I love that, and I'm sorry to have shaken my hand away. Next time I'll squeeze tight and hope that we never have to let go.

I miss you a lot everyday. I have so many stories I wanted to tell you. So I hope your ears are ready where you are. You can sit on your great poppys lap and have story time many times throughout the day.
We love you.

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