Saturday, June 12, 2010

Your Uncle Cousin

Dear Aurora,

Today is your Uncle Cousin Jared wedding day. You might be wondering about the whole Uncle Cousin title, and that's something your Uncle Shaun came up with when your cousins were little, so you may blame it all on him. I give you permission.

There are no children allowed at this wedding, except for you. So i hope that you can join us today. I was going to buy you a super cute dress, and maybe a headband with a big ol' flower on it. As much as i was scared to bring you, because you were only going to be a few weeks old, i was looking forward to taking you. You were going to be so cute, I was worried you'd steal all of the attention... but secretly, i was ok with that.

I guess that's all i really have to say. I'm going to miss you so much today. I love you.

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  1. This is a beautiful note for a beautiful girl from her beautiful Mommy :) My thoughts and prayers are with you
    -Emeraudecephiro (Susan from the Bump board)