Thursday, December 2, 2010

Merry Christmas

I wasn't quite sure how to word our Christmas cards this year. I didn't really want to put "The Blaisures" because it seems so informal. We couldn't just put from Stephanie and Jason, because we had Nick there too.... but if I added Nick, it felt weird. Part of me wanted to include Aurora too.

So since we couldn't make up our minds, we went with the plain "The Blaisures".

We did include Aurora in our family photo. Every year we always get a family photo done, and from now on we will always include the rose in our pictures. Aurora will always be with us and be included when we do family things.

I just wish our family photo would have been different.


  1. I know that you wish the photo could have been different. I love how you included Aurora with the sweet. I love the card too!

  2. Before I even read your post, I saw the rose in the photo, and knew that it was probably for Aurora. What a beautiful picture!