Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Special Tradition from Great Grandma

Every year, since the year I was born, my grandmother has been buying me a collectors piece from Reed & Barton. I get the Noel Bell. And this year I will be getting my 30th bell from her.

This is not only a tradition she does with myself. She gets a total of 14 yearly items for everyone. When Nick and Jason joined our family, they started getting one too.

This year I took my grandmother to the jewerly store to pick up all of the items. I sat with her as each one was shown to her and as she named off who they were all for. Then out one came, a new order, and she couldn't remember why she ordered it. They can't remember if she ordered it, or if the people at the store ordered it thinking she might be interested in it.... since she does have the biggest order every year of these yearly items. They sat there wondering. It was a new item, a 1st edition, and I think it was for Aurora. She places her order for the next year when she picks up the items for the current year. I think she placed an order for Auroras.

A few days later my grandmother called me asking me to take her back to the jewerly store. When we sat down the lady brought out two items and wanted me to choose. Grandma looked at me and said she wanted to get a special ornament for our tree for Aurora. There was a beautiful crystal angel and a silver butterfly to choose from.

It just so happened that the silver butterfly was a Reed & Barton, from the same company who makes my bell. It was perfect.

So when we went out to get our tree today. Her ornament was the first one I placed on it.

It is a beautiful butterfly. It is beatiful like Aurora, and will always be treasured.

Thank you (Great) Grandma.