Monday, October 4, 2010

Walking To Remember

There is a tree at the park that I used to walk at, it's a tree dedicated to the families that have lost a baby. I have never noticed this tree before yesterday.

The annual Walk To Remember was held yesterday. It's a walk I never knew existed before, but I'm so glad it does. It was a short walk, around one section of the park. One that was quiet and peaceful.

We all had pink carnations that represented our LO, and at the end of the walk we placed them in the tree that is dedicated to us. The walk, the tree, the things I never knew were there.... now mean so much to me.

Not only did I think about Aurora and remember her for our walk... but I also thought about all of the other babies of all of the women who have helped me through so much these past 5 months. Without them, I don't know where i'd be right now.

We plan on walking every year now. Nicolas told me that even after we die, he'll still be going to that walk to remember Aurora too.

I really wish all communities had this walk.

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  1. I too didn't know it existed. We had ours on Saturday. It was a bit shocking to see so many baby's remembered :( I'm so thankful for everyone that puts together the Walk to Remember.