Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feeling comfortable

Sometimes I feel as though I'll never be comfortable when I am around people who are talking and pregnancies and babies. I just sometimes feel like I am always looking for the nearest exit or the best excuse to leave. How can I change the subject of a topic that everyone seems to love to talk about? I hate it.

I really wish that all pregnancies and babies would just disappear until I am ready to move on. And then, they can come back and be exactly where they should be. Or, what would be better is goggles. Special baby goggles that won't make me see pregnant bellies or little babies. And then I'd need special earmuffs too. It would drown out all of the chatter of pregnancies that will all turn out perfectly fine.

The ear muffs would be so perfect. It would change all of the stupid comments that people say! The best one yet has been, next time... "It'll be easier." I looked at them with a side eye, not quite sure what they meant. Next time, delivery will be easier. What the heck!? Ear muffs would have been wonderful at that moment.

Ear muffs and goggles. If anyone can invent those things so I no longer have to feel the discomfort, I'd appreciate it.

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