Thursday, April 28, 2011

Penny #22 and #23

Thank you so much for the pennies today sweetheart!!

The first one was in our own driveway. I was walking up to dad in the garage when I just noticed it, there in the crack of the driveway where the garage door comes down. That one was meant for dad wasn't it? Since he's always in there.

The second one was when dad and I were at a store looking for a new camera. We were just talking on our way into the store that he thinks when I "look" for them, it's cheating. Well, on the way out of the store... I wasn't looking for them, and that's when I found it!

I love the fact that i've been finding more than one penny these past few times.

Thank you again so much hun. I hope these pennies mean good things to come.

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