Friday, April 1, 2011

Penny #18 & #19

I found penny #18 and 19 on Monday morning. I took the morning off to get some bloodwork done to see why my body hates me so much. After leaving the doctors I stopped at Subway to get something to eat. I had to fast for my bloodwork, and was starving! As soon as I stepped into Subway, I found penny #18. I was on cloud nine!! I was waiting for the one worker to come serve me, but she was ringing a customer out.

That's when I heard coins drop. I looked over and the lady said "I'll get the quarter, but i'll leave the penny for someone." to her son.

The whole time I was waiting, I was thinking.... should I pick it up? Is it really a penny from heaven when I watched them drop it? And during that time of ordering my breakfast sandwich, i decided that it was a proper penny from heaven! My darling made her drop her change. So when I walked by, I picked that penny up!!!

Two pennies in the matter of 5 minutes! That made my whole week!

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