Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Pennies?

My class and I went on a field trip this morning. On our way back onto the bus, the student right in front of me dropped a penny. I'm still not sure why she had a penny, and why she had it out... but she did. The penny fell, and landed right under the bus. It wasn't far under, and she could have easily picked it up, but I wouldn't let her since the bus was running. You never know, and we needed to be safe. Part of me wanted to pick it up, and take it as a penny from Aurora, but If I couldn't let her pick it up, I shouldn't have either.

She got sad for a split second, just a quick "Awww, my penny." But then I told her that it was okay. Someone was going to find that penny, and it'd be a penny from heaven to them and bring them comfort. She seemed to like that idea a lot.

It's so nice to know what a comfort such a small penny can really be.

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  1. This is so sweet. I commented on your first post a while ago, and that same day I found a pound coin, I also found 2 more pennies, and since then I have been finding them everywhere. I can't help but think of your blog and that they're from heaven every time I do.