Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Necklace

I bought my very simple and cheap necklace not long after Aurora died. It's a stamped plate with her name and her birthstone. I fell in love with it and rarely take it off anymore.

About a year ago, a friend gave me two more charms to add to it. A dragonfly and a penny, which if you have read this blog or know me, you know how perfect it is!

Sometime, early last week, I lost the dragonfly charm. I noticed it was missing after I took a shower, and I honestly thought it was gone for good. However... this is my story.

Every day I was weighing myself to see if I had lost any weight. From this point, I hadn't. Then Sunday came. The day after Aurora's birthday.... I pulled out the scale after eating breakfast, stood on it and noticed that I had dropped 6 lbs! First of all, I never weigh myself after eating! So I thought for sure it would show that I gained! I was so excited to finally see some progress in my calorie counting.

Then, as I was putting the scale back. It was there that I noticed the dragonfly charm, and it was sitting directly on top of a penny. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes! Every day I put this scale back and never once noticed it there! I'm still very quite baffled over the whole thing. What a wonderful job my angel is doing, to make me notice it when I did!

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