Friday, September 2, 2011

TV Triggers

When I say triggers, it kind of sounds negative, doesn't it? I don't mean these triggers as bad triggers. The one, makes me smile. The other makes me cry... but it's not bad. I kind of just wanted to clear the air before going into the TV shows.

The first show is Big Brother. I am a huge fan of this reality TV show! I don't watch a lot of the reality TV show games.... but I do watch Big Brother and I have been watching it every summer since the beginning!

Jeff, is one of my favorite players and I was so happy to see him back again this season. Then, he really became my favorite player for a T-Shirt that he wears constantly.

This was the best picture I could find... but if you notice, his shirt says Aurora. Now, i'm assuming it's for Aurora Colorado. I would love to learn why he wears it all of the time!

I was sad when he got kicked off the show, only because I wouldn't see him wearing that shirt anymore. It made me smile whenever I saw him wear it.

The second TV show that has triggers is my soap opera. All My Children. Back in, March maybe, a character on the show was pregnant and her daughter was stillborn. In weird soap opera ways, the mother never knew her daughter was stillborn as they had another baby right there. The mother is also blind and was passed out at the time of the delivery. When that episode happened, seeing the father cry and mourn was so hard.

Now, the mother is finally finding out that the child she thought was hers, is really not. And I have to relive the crying and screaming that I know all too well. It's weird. Maybe because I know it's not real... but it's not bad. It's not something that is painful to watch. It's just something that makes me cry and think of my sweet daughter.

Two unlikely TV shows take me back to my daughter. It's strange how things work like that.

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  1. I noticed Jeff's shirt too and wondered what it meant. I had assumed it was for a college as it has that college tee look. I live in CO and can't imagine it’s for the city. But after reading the post I google it. There is an Aurora Community College in CO and an Aurora University in IL. So who knows? Either way I'm glad it made you happy to see Jeff wearing the shirt.