Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Salt Springs State Park

On Sunday, Jason took Nick and I to Salt Springs State Park in PA. It's not that far from where we live, maybe a 30 minute drive... if that. It's a cute little state park with lots of hiking. They have hiking trails, as well as the creek with some waterfalls that you can climb.

We decided to go on a hiking trail first to see penny rock. I know! How perfect?! Unfortunately Jason forgot to mention that there was such a rock until we were in the middle of our hike. We found the rock and I was amazed in the pennies!!

I'm not sure what made them curl up like that, unless the people hammer them in. Jason and I said that we'll have to go back soon and bring a penny and a little hammer.

After we were done with the hiking trail, it took us to the top of the creek where the waterfalls start. So instead of climbing up the waterfalls, we climbed them down. It was so beautiful!! There were even little dragonflies flying around.

From penny rock to the dragonflies, this whole trip I thought of Aurora. I thought about how we could have taken her on the hiking trail and carried her down the waterfalls. We could have let her play in the water. I would have took so many pictures.

I can't wait to go back.

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