Friday, November 25, 2011


I just read my entry that I wrote last Thanksgiving. I cannot believe where I have come in a year in my grief. I have come a long way in my grief. Some days it still doesn't feel like I have, but looking back to how heartbroken I was, it really proves just how far I have come.

While Thanksgiving did suck without my dear Aurora, or without a little brother or sister, and without my grandmother.... it did not hurt as badly as it did last year. I wasn't in that dark place that haunted me last year. I was very negative, and bitter. I had a hard time accepting what had happened to us, and why all of these other people had all this joy while all we had was sorrow.

I'm glad that I have healed in this past year. I did not like that dark place I was in, and I know others didn't like it either. Lets hope that I continue to heal while continuing to honor and love my dear Aurora.

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