Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Penny #50 & #51

Penny #50 I found on Thursday - November 17th. I wasn't sure on if I wanted to consider it a penny or not. I found it while I was working, inside a classroom. It was on the floor right by their coat closet. It was all alone with no buckets or any other manipulatives in sight. Finally today, I decided that yes, it is a penny so it counts!

If you look, you'll notice that it's a plastic "School Money" penny. But, it is a penny none the less. I 'stole' it and it will rest in the piggy bank along with the rest of Aurora's pennies.

Penny #51 I did find today on my way to my car after work. I park on a side street, and never thought i'd find a penny there on the side of the road. Thank you so much for the penny today honey! I love it!

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