Monday, February 21, 2011

10 Months

How has it seriously been 10 months since we lost you Aurora?

There's so much I can say about 10 months. My first thought is, *only* 10 months? It feels like we've known you and loved you and missed you forever. It sometimes feels like this pain and this hurt has always been there. So the fact that it's only been here for 10 months is shocking.

10 months is so close to a year. The year mark is slowly creeping up on us, and it's starting to make me very nervous. Daddy and I are already planning your birthday, and what we want our tradition to be. An Aurora cupcake, balloons to heaven and visit to you at the church. The only part daddy and I aren't sure about yet is if we invite anyone or not. Do we invite them? Do we tell them what we are doing and they can show up if they want? Or do we just go and do our own thing?

10 months. I still cannot believe it.

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