Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Faces of Loss

I shared my story, along with too many other women on Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope.

Although writing that story was quite difficult, it did feel good when I was done. Just like the group meetings that I go to, it hurts to talk about losing Aurora... but afterwards it's so much better.

I hope that my story gives hope to some of the other women out there coming across the website. I have read a lot of other stories, and have been moved by them. It's not fair that this has happened to these women. A website like that should not have needed to be made. But since it is, i'm glad to be a part of it and the hope that it brings.

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  1. hi stephanie, i realize we are complete strangers, but we belong to the same club. the BLM club unfortunately. i read your story on faces of loss, and now i follow along your blog. in an effort to share BLM stories with the world every tuesday i will blog about a BLM on my blog, this week i chose you (in a post called 10 on Tuesday - #10).

    i included a link to your blog, and a link to your faces story. if this is not okay, please notify me ASAP. i do this in an effort to increase awareness and to bring babylost families into the minds of others (for prayer, etc).

    when you have time stop by and read about my sweet babies.