Monday, May 7, 2012

So glad I found this!

Through a local farmers market facebook page, I found this website:

I remember sitting in the delivery room talking about a funeral, and where we were going to bury Aurora. We knew quickly, as Jason and I had discussed very briefly before, that we'd like to be cremated and placed in the columbarium at my childhood church. My grandfather is placed there, both my grandmothers had niches saved for them... and my parents had talked about saving niches for themselves. Jason and I had only talked about where we wanted to go a handful of times, thinking that we'd have plenty of time to discuss this down the road.

However, on April 21, 2010.... we had to make a decision. I knew wherever we laid our daughter to rest, I would need to be there as well. So the only place that had made our "potential" list, was it.

Answering the "Where" question was very difficult!

Answering the "How" question is sometimes just as hard. How are we going to pay for this?

Luckily, in a weird sense of the word, we have some very loving family members and co-workers. Between everyone who donated money to us just days after we lost Aurora, we had enough to pay for her entire niche, her name plate, funeral costs, urn, and we even had money left over to plant flowers at the columbarium. The "how" question became easy for us.

However, the "how" question is not so easy for everyone. So today, when I came across this website, it brought tears to my eyes! I know I need to find out more about the mission, and find out how I can help other families purchase headstones for their children.

On August 19th, I have donated a memory box to the local hospital. As well as helping with headstones, Mollianna's Mission creates care packages that you can sponsor. I know for sure, instead of making a memory box, i'll sponsor one this year!

I hate that pregnancy loss and infant death happen, but it warms my heart to hear of others doing some good in their child's name! I hope to be involved in this mission more in the future!

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