Saturday, March 10, 2012

Is this her way of coming through?

About a month ago, I went to see a psychic medium. I love psychics, but this was my first time with a medium.

It was a house party, and the first person she read was my aunt. My grandmother {GG}, came through first thing. And one of the first things my grandmother came through with, is that she had a little one with her, Aurora.

When it came time to read me, I asked about Aurora. One of the first things the medium asked me is if I had any dreams about Aurora. In which I told her I had only had one that I remembered. However, this got me thinking. Did she mention this thinking I had dreams of Aurora all of the time?

I do dream about something a lot, multiple times a week. I dream about pennies. Last night I dreamed that I was picking up penny after penny after penny. Usually in my dreams it's not just one penny, it's 10+ pennies all at a time. Could my dreaming of pennies be Aurora's way of dreaming about her? Even if it isn't, I love to dream about pennies because it makes me think of Aurora. It makes me feel how much love she is sending for me.

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